Evolution of a Trekkie

There are so many ways in which I can be considered a geek. So. Very. Many. I read fantasy novels (even the ones forĀ grown-ups), I enjoy science fiction, and use the word “genre” in casual conversation. I have given the concept of time travel an inordinate amount of thought.

Perhaps most condemning, every week I sit at a table with a few other choice geeks, roll dice, and in great verbal detail, pretend to cast spells and/or shoot things.

For most of my life, however, one vital charge has been missing from my list: a love of Star Trek.

I’m sorry. Truly, friends, geeks everywhere… forgive me, but I have always hated Star Trek. My attitude was inconvenient, because I married someone who loves it with a passion almost as intense as my hatred. Two subjects we never spoke about when dating: politics and Star Trek. And while our politics eventually seemed to ‘merge’, Star Trek was still a standoff. Read More

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