Skill vs. Talent

Recently, on the FWO forums, the subject of talent came up–and how much it matters versus skill.

This is all generalization, of course… but I think that for the majority of writers, a large part of writing is acquiring skill sets–language, grammar, how to structure a story, and (perhaps most important) your own creative process. In my experience, just learning how to get inspired is something I’ve had to really grope after, not something that has come to me like some magically bestowed talent.¬†However, I do think that seed of talent is essential–it’s what not only makes us predisposed to storytelling, but what makes us want it.

Here’s my take on the difference between the two. Read More

Evolution of a Trekkie

There are so many ways in which I can be considered a geek. So. Very. Many. I read fantasy novels (even the ones for¬†grown-ups), I enjoy science fiction, and use the word “genre” in casual conversation. I have given the concept of time travel an inordinate amount of thought.

Perhaps most condemning, every week I sit at a table with a few other choice geeks, roll dice, and in great verbal detail, pretend to cast spells and/or shoot things.

For most of my life, however, one vital charge has been missing from my list: a love of Star Trek.

I’m sorry. Truly, friends, geeks everywhere… forgive me, but I have always hated Star Trek. My attitude was inconvenient, because I married someone who loves it with a passion almost as intense as my hatred. Two subjects we never spoke about when dating: politics and Star Trek. And while our politics eventually seemed to ‘merge’, Star Trek was still a standoff. Read More

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