What is Story?

Story is not plot. Plot is not story. I think one of the hardest things for beginning writers to understand is that these two words are not synonyms. Plot is a sequence of events, but story is much more. Otherwise, we’d all stop at the outline phase, slap a cover on that bad boy, and call it good.

So what the hell is story?
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The Hero’s Journey – Pt 4, Meeting the Mentor

The most powerful stories–the ones that stay with us–are about change, and change comes from struggle.

By now, we’ve spent some time establishing the stakes of the story–what the character stands to lose, and what they stand to gain. This is where those stakes come into play. If we’ve done our work well, your Hero is standing at the precipice of a task for which¬†he is unequipped. Time for Step 4. Read more

The Hero’s Journey – Pt 2 & 3, The Call to Adventure & Refusing the Call

This is where stuff really gets rolling. You’ve introduced us to your Hero in their Ordinary World, using that opportunity to demonstrate both what is lacking in their circumstances, and what stands to be lost if they change them.¬† If you’ve played your cards right, we are now invested in your Hero, and are eager to see him embark on his quest.

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The first draft is as bad as the book is ever going to be.
– Robin Stevens