Close Up Editing & Assessment

Ashley Capes, a good friend and writing buddy, has recently launched Close Up Editing & Assessment, a service for fiction and poetry writers. Whether you’re looking for overall manuscript assessment, line-editing, or proofreading, he and his wife Brooke Linford have numerous editing, writing, teaching, and publication credits between them that they can put to use helping you get your work into the best possible shape.

I’ve been in a writing group with Ashley for nearly a year, and it’s been brilliant having access to his insight and technical knowledge. He has an excellent grasp of story structure, character, and an ear for prose that has helped me hone and tweak my second draft far beyond what I believe I would have been able to achieve alone. Read more

What I’ve Learned About Learning to Write

There are a lot of people who don’t believe in studying the ‘craft’ of writing. Writing is art, they say. You need to find your passion and let it flow through you. Don’t worry about structure or voice or character arcs. That only inhibits the freedom of your unique magic.

I like to imagine these people say these things while wearing lots of tie-dye and flowy skirts. And doing yoga.

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Miss Snark, Literary Agent


I came across Miss Snark’s blog years ago, and it’s been one of my favorites ever since. The very aptly named Miss Snark describes her occupation as “Satan’s literary agent”.

Her blog provides an immense amount of information on the publishing industry, delivered in such a hilarious, scathing voice that her anonymity is a wise career move.

Miss Snark closed her blog in 2007, but I’d encourage anyone interested in the publishing industry to take a look at the wealth of information, insight, and humor she has left for us to enjoy.¬†While names, titles, phone numbers, and specific query guidelines within the industry continue to fluctuate, the vast majority of Miss Snark’s information is just as relevant today as it was they day it was written.

Just… don’t take it personal, okay? She’s like that with everyone.