The Death of an Ink Cartridge (or two…)

That is one hefty stack of paper. I’ve heard some writers say they prefer editing a hard copy of their manuscript, so on a whim I thought I’d give it a try.

Wow, did I underestimate what that would entail.

After blowing through one brand new ink cartridge on my printer, and draining most of a second, I chickened out and settled for just printing out Chapters 5-15.Yeah, that’s not the whole thing. It’s roughly 65,000 words–less than half of the total length. And I’m not even finished yet! I still have a few holes to plug, and I’m guessing I’ll have around 170,000 words once I’ve done.

That’s a big book, though the editing process will whittle it down a good bit. I have a little more leeway because of my chosen genre, as well. A YA novel ringing in at 110k words is a little ridiculous, but that’s pretty average for fantasy.

Time to break out the red pencil!

~ RM



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