A Sword for Chaos

Serahvyn didn’t mean to kill the king’s nephew. Now his face haunts her, along with dozens of others, people all dead by her hand.

She is the only known magic user in existence, wielding Chaos, a destructive magic that vanished hundreds of years ago. That power could be the key to reviving their dying world, if only she could control it. She is locked in a tower to prevent further devastation, but when an encounter with a member of the royal family ends with his death, she is forced to flee for her life. 
Gideon, a warrior sworn to a holy service, is assigned to protect her–but when the assassins at their heels reveal themselves to be in the employ of someone inside his own Order, he is forced to choose between honor, faith, and his mysterious connection to this lethal young woman.
With the help of Althas, a priest exiled for heresy, Gideon must keep Serahvyn alive long enough to make the sacrifice that could save them all.

Chapter One, excerpt:

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