Adventures in Evil

The subject of villains came up between me and another writer friend who is plotting an arc for a very virtuous, idealistic, squeaky-clean sort of fellow who eventually turns entirely batsh*t-crazy-evil. How does one go about this? How do you convincingly portray the loss of respect for life that is necessary in this kind of Villain With a Capital V?

After some hashing out, this is what we came up with. Read more


handlebarmoustacheFor me, villains are the most difficult characters to write. I find that I have to spend alot more time developing their character and carefully editing their dialogue than I do any of my other characters, hero/heroine included.

It’s difficult to nail down a convincing “evil”. The world is filled with cardboard villain cutouts.. people who want to take over the world, but we’re not really sure why. Evil is so difficult to write convincingly that alot of people just default to crazy or mentally disturbed. There is an evil that is perfectly sane and doesn’t stem from some hideous childhood event. It hasn’t lost its moral compass, it consciously, willingly set it aside. Read more